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Test the Theme toggle app using react-testing-library

In my previous article we’ve built an app with Theme toggling capability. In this article, let’s test that feature. I’ll be using react-testing-library and jest-dom as a partner library for the react-testing-library for leveraging custom DOM element matchers for Jest. Let’s install both the libraries as dev dependencies. npm install -D react-testing-library jest-dom Since we used create-react-app, there is a […] read more
React Context Demo

Toggle theme using React Hooks

I was trying to implement the Dark mode to one of the application which I was working. Most of the examples available in Internet uses either styled-components or any other css-in-js concepts. The application which I’m working on doesn’t have the css-in-js yet. So I want to keep it very simple. Hence, the very first thing that came up is […] read more