Author: Vimalraj

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Introducing Test GraphQL Java

I was recently asked by one of my friend how can we test the GraphQL APIs in Java. He is currently exploring Karate’s capability, however, he doesn’t want to use Karate just for this as they’re already using TestNG based framework. And there is a graphql-java library which let’s you to implement GraphQL in Java and test, but using Spring […] read more
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Test the Theme toggle app using react-testing-library

In my previous article we’ve built an app with Theme toggling capability. In this article, let’s test that feature. I’ll be using react-testing-library and jest-dom as a partner library for the react-testing-library for leveraging custom DOM element matchers for Jest. Let’s install both the libraries as dev dependencies. npm install -D react-testing-library jest-dom Since we used create-react-app, there is a […] read more
React Context Demo

Toggle theme using React Hooks

I was trying to implement the Dark mode to one of the application which I was working. Most of the examples available in Internet uses either styled-components or any other css-in-js concepts. The application which I’m working on doesn’t have the css-in-js yet. So I want to keep it very simple. Hence, the very first thing that came up is […] read more
Folder structure

Python: Module Management

This post is the continuation of my previous post: Python Package Management with Pipenv. I’ve package / dependency management in place, now I would like to setup the folder structure and get the scripts executed. My problem statement is that I don’t have any main script which can call any modules to trigger. Time to time, I execute any scripts […] read more
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Python Package Management with Pipenv

At my work I had to setup a package management for the Python based project. After almost 5 years, I’m putting my hands on Python and observed many things had changed. Especially, how we use the new Pipenv for managing python packages. Let’s see on how to use Pipenv in Mac to setup the package management for the project. Before […] read more

Deploying GraphQL Server on Heroku

Today, I’ll show you on how to deploy a simple Graphql server on Heroku. I’m considering the following stack to show my example: Mongo (using mongoose) Express GraphQL (using apollo-server) NodeJS server A sample GraphQL server look like this: View the code on Gist. I have one Mutation which is used to add an user to the mongo collection and […] read more